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Thread: Knoppix Up-date!

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    Knoppix Up-date!

    Hello Knoppix players!!

    I am new in Knoppix and i want to know how can I up-date my Knoppix version! I have Knoppix 3.4 ... also I`d like to know how to up-date the kernel!

    Euthebiu@box:/root$ kernelversion

    This is my kernel version! I tryed apt-get kernel-image-2.6-k7 but ... i don`t know of that worked...

    If someone knows...please answer me!!!

    Thank you!

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    the easiest way will be to download the newest Knoppix and go with that. Knoppix is not really made for updates, nevertheless you could try to upgrade your packages with apt-get (things might break however). If you are looking for a more upgradeable distribution, you might also consider Kanotix.

    This is why I am using "poor man's install" (PMI) only, that makes upgrades a snap.


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    First .. 10q probono...

    Second...I run " dselect " and then "[I]nstall and upgrade wanted packeges" two times...and when I reboot , my old desktop has gone away and this upgrade gave my a new one -- IceWM. Now i can change WindowManagers to Flux Box , Window Maker ,etc.

    can someone tell me how can i configure my desktop? (to put icons on it...)

    now i have another problem...every time i have to mount my other partitions..
    can u tell me what should do to automount the partitions?

    Thank you!

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