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Thread: making bootable CD from Knoppix_v3.6-2004-08-16-EN.iso

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    making bootable CD from Knoppix_v3.6-2004-08-16-EN.iso


    Got a new version of Knoppix on a DVD and I'm having some darn good time trying to burn the 699.5 MB into a bootable CD. I've created /tmp/knoppix36 directory and coppied the iso from the DVD. I'm having difficulty with the 'mkisofs' string, though. I copied the iso successfuly from /tmp onto a blank CD using K3B under SuSE. Here's the string I've been finnegling

    mkisofs -J -r -l -b boot/isolinux/isolinux.bin -c boot/isolinux/ -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table -o /tmp/knoppix36.iso /tmp/knoppix36

    I'm getting "mkisofs: Uh oh, I cant find the boot catalog directory 'boot/isolinux'!" It would be a great improvement if I knew what I was doing! Thus far I know I'm trying to create "knoppix36.iso" bootable with a floppy-like image at the beginning of the image. Perhaps I should really try to break this process into two steps.

    All concern for this matter will be greatly appreciated.


    Joseph Schiller

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    doesn't sound like a remaster issue at all to me, although you certainly have me bewildered with the 'mkisofs' string, though. statement and the rest. I've made maybe 100 Knoppix CD's from ISO and have no idea what a 'mkisofs' string is.

    try reading and

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    If you have an .iso and it is small enough to fit on a cdr then you should not need mkisofs just burn the image.

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