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    Open Office

    I don't know if anyone can be assitance with my problem, because it is really not directly related to knoppix nor pcs, but is related to open source. I dowloaded open office for my mac, and it has to open all that freex whatever junk when i try to use it and takes forever, so i wanted delete it. But when i tried it says its owned by root and it cannot be deleted. Does anyone know whats up?

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    Hello there,

    I asume you are trying to delete a directory? and it is owned by root?
    if that's the case, try this:

    open a console type "su" without the quotes, hit enter and use your root password,
    now, if you successfully logged on as root, lets say if I wanted to delete "/home/John/test/gd"
    use this:

    rm -rf /home/John/test/gd hit enter

    Be sure not to delete "/" that will delete your whole disk


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