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Thread: The Open Source Software for Windows thread

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    Squeak: Smalltalk that's bit identical on Linux, Windows, Mac and other platforms. Comes -- amongst other things -- with the best implementation of Freespace I've ever come across.

    see here

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    Abiword and Xnview

    Abiword is a great word processor available in open source for a variety of platforms including Windows and Linux.

    Xnview is a free and very good photo view/editor with versions for Windows and Linux.

    I use both in Knoppix and these programs are on my Windows machine at work.


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    Great thread. I love OOS software. Another one worth mentioning is Irfanview ( I actually don't think it's open source, but it is freeware.

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    open source cd

    Take a look here :

    To download it :

    A list :

    Another good site :

    Hopefully this helps and is not repeat comments from above.

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    I'm not quite sure of the topic of this thread, but if we are talking about opensouce (or free, but we can donate) that runs under Windows and linux, here are a couple of items that I'm using:

    Thunderbird email, with the lightning calendar, QuickFox Notes, RememberFox, Google Contacts tab and Google Calendar and the sync.

    Filezilla for FTP

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    Is there a standard set of directions on how to install common software when using a USB boot disk created fTherom the 6.7 CD?

    The good news is that the USB boot drive was very easy to create.

    The bad news is that I can't seem to install or run most of the software that I would like to:

    - Firefox
    - Thunderbird
    - Openshot
    - Keepnote
    - Rednotebook

    I'm not sure where to start and surely this is a common path.

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    Follow-up - I did figure-out how to install all 5 applications listed above.

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