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Thread: Flight Simulations...

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    the good old days.... when computers took up whole entire rooms... and i didnt exsist...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry Kuhman
    Quote Originally Posted by Mustang64
    Itís amazing just how small Knoppix, or any Linux based system, can get and still work! I have a copy of Peanut that I use on a 386 25MHz computer and two 100 M drives. Also with less than 200 M RAM.

    Windoze wonít even load, let alone work, unless you go back to version 3.xx (aw-yes those were the days when software developers were still working on efficient, compact programs without all the fluff, and dead-end code)Ö

    I have to differ with you there. I still have Win98 on a P166 with 64 megs of memory, it runs windows fine, but Knoppix (with GUI) crawls on it. I still get occasional use from the machine; it makes a fine FTP server running Windows. I also use it to test install some software, and as a system where I can run any self-extracting EXE file I happen to download (no way I'm going to trust such files on my main desktop).

    By the way, I couldn't even get any regular distro like Debian to install on this system. They looked at the memory and just refused. But 98 (and of course 95 and Win 3.1) run fine on it, and I expect I could load OS2 or a few others systems as well.

    I also have a hand me down I took from someone just to save it from the trash. It's a 100 mhz K5, with either 32 or 48 megs of memory (yea, I forget which). It's certainly not a great system, but it's good for running packet sniffers and the like under Windows. I can browse the net with it (not snappy, but functional). I have tried to boot Knoppix and a few other of the live CD's on it. But these may take 30 minutes or more just to boot, and are really not useable once you have them booted.

    So Linux certainly suffers from bloat as much as any OS does. It's woth noting that, strictly based on hardware power, either of the above 2 computers is by far much more computer than the CDC system that was a time sharing system for the entire student body at my University (back in the dark ages). Bloat like this is an unfortunate industry trend that is affecting almost all of the industry, including open source.
    He said windows wont install on a 386 25Hz, and then you said it runs fine on your pentium 166 (586)
    Max ram on a 486 I know is 32, dunno about the 386's

    Win95 runs slowish on my 75mhz 486, but thats okay as I hae Kernel 2.4.27 and busybox 1.00-rc2 + other stuff on a flash card for it right now

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    A moderator joking about doing practice runs on the WTC....

    And, if you guys want something for really old boxes, try Deli Linux.

    It is made for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by solarcontrol
    A moderator joking about doing practice runs on the WTC....
    I did say it was a "bad" before I said it, and nothing saying "I'd do it", just the statement that a crash is always interesting... As for being a "moderator" and saying, or posting, something - I am a human being too -=- I can express myself as a user, or a person running Linux, just like anyone else, not my fault that "moderator" shows up when I post ( not like I can turn it off, or something )...

    Would this have been a little more Pollitically Correct ????

    A flight combat simulation game, and doing "straffing" runs over England, with Nazi Germany planes ????


    A Blimp simulation game, using hellium, and running into a tower, but, ONLY IF, you can have the carnage and flame damage from the "original" Hindenburg for "realisim" ?

    Considering you dont have a location from where you are, I am quite sure, your "history" could be represented in some kind of "simulation" to re-enact something hideous, some "black" past... As the "President" stated: "this is a wake-up call"...

    To be completely honest, though, I have not found any "Flight Simulations" that could have any re-enactment possibility, mostly, when they hit water, or ground, they simply "bounce" off the object, and continue as normal, or "fly through" an obstacle.

    Yes, it was a joke, and I dont mean, or imply, offense to a comment on that... I just make comment to the fact that people will always be "interested" in crashes... and, I bet, you dont slow down on the freeways to see a crash go by? Dont hope to see a "glimpse" of carnage? Or watch Race Car footage, to see the "big" crashes?

    If anything, flight simulations, and even the "mission" related ones, like the "Apache" helicopter ones, dont go into "details". I used to play the "old" Sleath Bomber" one by Electronic Arts, and even then, enemies were just dots on the map, you elliminated the dots, the enemies, no blood, no gore, just dots - dont think about the fact those "dots" represent people, or bunkers, or supply depots, or cities... Dont think that "some" of those dots represent "inocent bystanders", or lastly, that, you could fire on your own troups, i.e. "friendly fire"

    Oh well, "life goes on"...

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