I use Evolution for my email. All works great! (or so I thought) I was tinkering around trying to get my visor PDA to sync with evolution for the contact info and such. I have gotten my visor to sync finally (after about 6 hrs of tinkering) it will sync with jpilot anyway.. I was able to get it to sync under evolution after playing with the settings.. One problem I cannot edit the contact information in evolution.. When I go to a field and type nothing appears on the line.. Thinking I messed something up I apt-get removed evolution and all the hidden files. So when I apt-get installed it.. it was like starting from the begining... Now.. the contacts are still there for some reason and my email is gone ( I saved the local folder in another location and remaned it) but i still cannot edit the contacts.. Does anyone have a clue as to why

I really want to use evolution with my PDA because it only makes sense to sync it with the email program instead of tryingto do it in another application

Thanks for all your help in advance