First and foremost: I've had experience with Windows machines and feel fairly competent with them but I'm an absolute *nix noob. I checked the FAQs and couldn't find an answer to my problem, so here goes...

I've been trying to get Knoppix to work on an old machine: Pentium II 333 with 128Mb RAM, 2 hard disks - one for Windows (works fine) and one for the Knoppix install (no partitions). I had problems booting it from the CD, as it didn't seem to like my partitions (would freeze on trying to create /etc/fstab) - using the nodma command got it booting into the WIMP environment though.

However, I tried installing it to the slave hard disk and it wasn't having any of it. I loaded the installer, used the tool to try and configure the hard disks, but it claims the drives are loaded as read only, before crashing out with "FATAL ERROR: can not get disk size" or something similar.

Hope someone can help!