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Thread: knoppix un external usb hd

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    knoppix un external usb hd


    i've just installed a knoppix in an external usb hd, i was wandering to know if it's possible to boot it using just a floppy. i need a really portable distro, i choose knoppix for its good hd discovery, and i need also a way to boot it from pc that doesn't need a bios that allow to boot from usb.

    is there a way to do this?


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    There is the pivot_root install method. Unfortunately the wiki is down now, but the instructions were in an older thread, see these:

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    i 've red those links but it seems nothing helepd me, i 've reached to use knoppix from hd using this

    knoppix single (at boot prompt)
    sudo su
    mkdir /mnt/new_root
    mount /dev/hda4 /mnt/new_root
    mkdir /mnt/new_root/mnt/old_root
    cd /mnt/new_root
    pivot_root . /mnt/new_root/mnt/old_root
    mount /proc /proc -t proc
    init 5

    but it's not exaclty what i need, ifact it runs just a normal knoppix from hd, but it's not my installation, users are knoppix and root, i choosed daniele and root as su.

    i think i need to install a boot loader in a floppy, but how can i make this? and i think also i should put the kernel image and initrd, in this way the usb hd can be run using the modules in the kernel,

    but the size of this files is approximatly 5mb to much for a floppy.

    i'm still surching for a solution , any suggestions?

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