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Thread: Wireless Ethernet PCMCIA Card not being recognized

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    Wireless Ethernet PCMCIA Card not being recognized

    Hi, I am new to Linux and I'm having a problem with Knoppix detecting my Wireless Notebook PCMCIA card (Linksys WPC54G). The card works in XP no problem.

    I am using a Dell Inspiron laptop with an integrated 10/100 ethernet adapter on the back, which works fine (it's what I'm connected with right now using Knoppix).

    From what I can tell, the integrated adapter is active on eth0, and Knoppix is not detecting anything on eth1. I don't know how to get it to recognize the wireless card.



    P.S. I have been reading some of the forums regarding similar problems, but nothing seems to apply directly to the problem I'm having.

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    Hi, I am having the same problem, except I have an SMC C2635W wireless PCMCIA card and IBM T23 Thinkpad.

    Thanks guys for your help.

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    yep, me too...

    yeah, im having this same problem with my thinkpad t23 and my roamabout cabletron ds wifi card. it doesn't recognize it in knoppix, fedora core 3, slackware, ubuntu, or anything

    the wifi card worked fine on my sony picturebook (in knoppix 3., so i dunno if there's something wrong with the cardbus or what?

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