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Thread: Runs great in German?

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    Runs great in German?

    This being the first time in over a decade(UNIX in college) since I've used any OS other than Windows, I couldn't be more suprised when my cheap ole Inspiron 1000 booted and ran 3.7 on the first try. I haven't tried my wireless yet, but my wired LAN worked fine. The only problem I am having so far is that everything is in German. I don't remember enough German to change the langauge setting. Hopefully, someone can help me because I have been wanting to try Linux for awhile and I am in love with what I see.


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    enter 'knoppix lang=us' at the boot prompt. Much easier than becoming fluent in German.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrashedAgain
    enter 'knoppix lang=us' at the boot prompt.
    It also helps to know that the = sign on a German keyboard is above the zero, so the way to enter this on a US keyboard is to type "knoppix lang)us", or so I'm told.

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