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Thread: How do I remove/add applications to KNOPPIX(well linux)

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    How do I remove/add applications to KNOPPIX(well linux)

    Coming from a XP/ME background, I know that I need to go through the control panel to properly remove an application on it.

    Do I need to do the same in KNOPPIX/linux or I can just remove the directory containing the application ? How about the icons/links on the KDE desktop ? I see a lot of applications on the 'start menu' of KDE which I want to remove.

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    The way to add or remove software in debian is using apt-get or a front-end for it, such as synaptic. Do not just delete a directory unless you have installed it from a source install or from an executable installer.

    As far as trimming down your menu entries, depending on which version of kde you are using, I have kde3.1.1 and the menu editor is in 'Settings", from there you can edit your kde menu.


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    in the console run 'aptitude'. it shows you what you have installed and what you don't. You can choose to remove programs or add them. Its nicer than just apt-get or dpkg.

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    Re: aptitude

    Uhm, aptitude and synaptic need to be installed before you can use them.

    So, type this at a command prompt:
    {enter root password}
    apt-get install synaptic aptitude
    {hit enter}
    Now you can start both by entering their name. These programs are basicaly a more or less graphical frontend to apt-get.

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