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Thread: xfree disaster!!!

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    xfree disaster!!!

    I was installing the drivers for ati radeon 9600 i got the rpm i made alien and i get deb ok i install it and after the scripts make and make_install i run the configure program but what i get after answer 1000 questions is a desktop in 640x480 24bit color

    when i try to change the desktop says this:

    please update to version 4.3 or greater

    i thought knoppix 3.7 already had a greater one

    well my problem is that im looking how to upgrade with google but i get nothing clear

    anyway knows the simplest way possible? is awful to surf the net and use the computer in such resolution

    Thanks in advance

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    Start with restoring a working X config. Boot from the knoppix CD. Assuming your hd install is on /dev/hdaN:
    mount /mnt/hdaN
    cd /mnt/hdaN/etc/X11
    cp XF86Config-4 XF86Config-4.ati
    cp /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 .
    then reboot to your hd install. You'll need to compare and merge the two versions of the config file to get one which uses your new driver, at a higher resolution...

    PS: before you do that, check if the ATI install script saved a copy of XF86Config-4 before generating its own. You then wouldn't need to boot from cdrom but could simply restore that one...

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    there is 2 problems:

    if i start with the knoppix cd i cant access to the root console, and if i write it in a normal console it says
    my hda is already mounted and have no permission to make that cp command

    the second problem is that after try that i made whereis XF86Config or the same .ati and there is not such files in my hd


    anyway ive been trying to install the last xfree version but without luck, everysingle source i try seems to be not working, someone knows a good source site that for sure has the packages?

    Thanks in advance

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