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Thread: how to install knoppix (HD install)

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    I have tried the above solution without success:

    After booting from Knoppix 3.7 Live-CD I went mit cntrl-ALt-F1 to the console.
    The command "knoppix tohd...." is not known to the bash shell (mybe it was only a path issue?)

    I tried to issue "knoppix tohd=/dev/sda1" (I have an USB disk which was found and auto mounted by Knoppix) on the boot prompt.
    This failed (probably because sda1 is not ready to be used at this early time in the boot process).

    By the way, what is the difference to "knx-hdinstall" (does this prepare for a full boot from HD vs. a boot from CD taking most of the files from HD??)
    Can I use this command as well to get all the system copied to HD and then have both options: boot from HD or from CD+HD?

    [edit] I tested "knx-hdinstall" - command not found as well. I found "knx2hd" and "knoppix-installer" instead. I am a bit confused now! Any help to guide me out of this confusion?

    Thx for clarification!

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    thank for all the replys,
    and since I see that other people have the same problem I explane what I did.

    to tschloss: try the next command for hd install: 'sudo knoppix-installer'
    (I didn't try it, it's from earlier reply, and I think it's from a regular shell)

    I personaly didn't try the 'tohd...' and 'fromhd...' and it looks like it going to make some problems with ntfs files.

    I tried and used 'bootfrom...' and it works. BUT, it didn't work from the external hd because it wasn't mounted or someting like that at the time it was needed for booting (so I'm guessing it won't work with 'tohd...' and 'fromhd...' ).
    and when I used the c: hd for 'knoppix.iso' (bootfrom=/dev/hda1) it works fine but it mounted ALL the hd as 'cdrom2.loop' and I couldnt get to this hd, not even for reading.

    so, if you need access to the hd that you put the 'knoppix.iso' image on, you need other solution.

    if someone knows someting else, please let as all know .

    thanks, shimi

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