Hopefully I'm a simple step or two away from full graphical enjoyment of Knoppix/Debian.

My situation:

1) Installed Knoppix 3.6 Live CD to my hard drive...booted fine and could login to KDM without issues.

2) Decided to use apt-get to update/upgrade to a full Debian release..downloaded 250+ MB.

3) Rebooted and after getting the LILO to pick the Linux 2.6 installation booted to console with last message saying XDM wasn't started as it wasn't the default.

4) Tried to run KDM - got to login screen and couldn't login momentarily showing a scrunched lilo screen in the upper portion of the screen but returning to the KDM login screen.

5) Changed the default kDM session type to Failsafe and verified I could login in to the Xterm with both root and knoppix user so it doesn't appear to be the passwords preventing the login.

6) Tried xdm, got to login prompt but can't login either (except via console).

7) Things tried:
- XFree86 -configure, copy the .new to /etc/X11/XFree86.
- checked /var/log/messages...see apm overridden by ACPI messages when I'm trying to login.
- checked /var/log/syslog...see fatal modprobe error when inserting apm but from my reading this shouldn't be an issue. Am I wrong?

Any ideas on what to try to get past the login issue?

Trying to avoid a reinstall if possible.