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Thread: 1GB pen drive w/knoppix image boots but cant start linux...

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    1GB pen drive w/knoppix image boots but cant start linux...

    Ahhh crap... I almost had it... I knew it was too good to be true.
    Here is what I did.

    Target: Lexar JumpDrive 1GB.

    Used latest Syslinux 3.01 to setup...
    Used mkdiskimage scripts as suggested.... AND IT TOOK A LONG flippling time to do whatever
    it did...

    Syslinux installed the ldlinux.sys correctly..


    Booted with 3.7 CD and copied THE WHOLE THING onto the jump drive.

    I copied the stuff from isolinux into the root but that did nothing...
    I believe syslinux needs a *.bs file?? because I use syslinux and
    not isolinux.

    I am not the most swift linux person so I am not sure how to make
    the corrections. This Knoppix thing needs a usbkey setup. (Now that
    usb key prices are dropping)

    I want to behave just like the cd.. but on the jump drive.

    BTW... the usb key drive prices are falling... the 1GB I got only cost $79 with
    a $20 mail in rebate.


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    I dont know if this will be of any interest to you guys.

    I have a lexar 1GB flash drive.

    From syslinux I used the mkdiskimage script and then did
    syslinux as described in the readme.usbkey.
    (the script took a REALLY long time too)

    I booted into 3.7 knoppix. Copied all the directories
    onto the key. Then copied the contents of the /boot dir into
    the root dir. I renamed isolinux.cfg to syslinux.cfg

    I had some problems because syslinux did not like the minirt24.gz file.
    I booted to a windows box and unzipped the minirt24.gz into miniroot.img

    and *BLAMMO* it booted knoppix!

    Just like the cd... I did have to fuss with the bios boot order..


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    I'll have to try this Scott, sounds nifty!

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