I'll got ahead and go right to the point. I have 2 HDs, hda and hdb. HDA has 3 partitions: hda1 (knoppix), hda2 (swap), hda3 (free). On HDB there's hdb1 (DSL) and hdb2 (FreeDOS). For a while I was using HDB as the main HD on the computer, and I was using Lilo to dual boot DSL and FreeDOS. NOW, I installed a new HD (current HDA) with Knoppix on it, and am using HDB as a slave.

I configured lilo.conf and ran "lilo" and got the follow error message:
Fatal: First sector of /dev/hdb1 doesn't have a valid boot signature
So I went ahead and took DSL from lilo.conf and just ran it with FreeDOS. Lilo ran configuration just fine and said it added FreeDOS. So now I loading FreeDOS and got another error:
Error 0x07
What's going on? I had Lilo installed on HDB, so i reinstalled DSL on HDB1 and this time chose not run mkliloboot. Still didn't work. So what am I doing wrong?