I installed Kanotix to my hardrive, and i put the bootloader on the partition, instead of the hardrive. I want it there so that the computer auto boots to windows when I want it to. When I made the boot floppy, there was an error that the floppy drive was busy, I assume because I stuck the floppy in, and then pushed the button too fast. The installer went on though, so i assumed that it worked. I tried the floppy, but it says non system disk take it out. So it must have gone into Windows. I checked the boot order, and the floppy drive is before the hardrive, so i assume that the problem is that the floppy is not good. Is there a way that I can get the floppy to work without reinstall|? Reinstall wouldn't be that big of adeal, though, so I guess its ok. Maybe there is another thing that you think caused the problem. At the start of the install, there was an error that said /dev/fd0 could not be accessed.