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Thread: Solution for "console with german lang. after hdd insta

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    Solution for "console with german lang. after hdd insta

    I can't read German ... Ok

    1) Go to dir ./etc/init.d and find this files:


    2) edit both and search for this string

    ### localization
    # Allow language specification via commandline. The default language
    # will be overridden via "lang=de" boot commandline
    LANGUAGE="$(getbootparam lang 2>/dev/null)"
    [ -n "$LANGUAGE" ] || LANGUAGE="de"

    3) now change in last line LANGUAGE="de" for what you want, maybe LANGUAGE="us",LANGUAGE="uk", etc.

    I had change both files but i don't know if you need both.
    Try only the first, if don't work try the other.


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    You can also edit boot/grub/menu.lst in the append to lang=us.

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