My MBR (Lilo) decided to hose itself just now, I wanted to added a Fedora C2 partition to my HD (which had a Knoppix install and an XP install) and now when it books grub comes up and Windows doesn't boot (though their is a thread)

When I tried to recover myself with Knoppix I used QT Parted to remove all of the Linux partitions, and got it back to were I had an XP partition, a swap, and my ex2 partition for Knoppix.

Then did an install. Now when it boots apparently lilo did not take Grubs place, and Knoppix boots in bizarre orange shades, is in German, and on top of it all my touch pad is no longer working.

Does anyone know how I can get Lilo back and Knoppix to load in English? (even though the CD boots into English just fine)