OK, I've successfully installed v3.6 with the 2.6-7 kernel, doing a Debian-type install from knoppix-installer. All is well.

On my last installation (from v3.3), I tried to do the upgrade to sarge "the Debian way", using dselect, & things got ugly - WindowMaker was the default Xserver, etc., etc.

My question is: what's the best method to update to sarge?

The default /etc/apt/sources.list says, "# If you want to do a "full upgrade", you should first upgrade the Packages from Debian/unstable (KDE & Co.)
before doing a (dist-)upgrade for Debian/testing."

* Huh? Does this mean upgrade KDE only, then the rest of the system? Can I use this default sources.list?
* Should I deinstall unwanted packages first, then update?
* Will "apt-get upgrade" resolve dependencies like dselect?

* Is there a definitive "upgrade howto" in this forum??