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Thread: Can't run ANY games

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    Can't run ANY games


    I am completely new to linux, and am having problems running games on knoppix.. I installed UT2004 and ET succesfully, but when I go to play them, either the splash screen comes up (for ut2004) then dissapears, or ET will go to a black screen like it's loading, but then go back to the desktop where my resolutions have been changed to a very low setting. To test if other games would work, I went to the standard games that come with knoppix, and NONE of them work I think there's a problem with my graphics card maybe (Geforce FX 5200 PCI), but I've been reading around and people say Knoppix should automatically detect my hardware settings. If you guys have any advice, please tell me how to fix this problem!! I am new to knoppix, so please try to keep instructions simple :-p thanks guys!

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    i would suggest going to the manufacturers website and download whatever new drivers there are for your card, they should have a linux link for drivers [but im going off ATI's site, so who knows]

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    There are pretty good linux drivers for nvidia cards. I wil give a short explanation for you:

    1) Download the driver from
    2) switch to console mode (Ctrl+Alt+F1) and login as root
    3) type init 3 (this will shutdown the X-Server)
    4) now type 'sh' (make sure you are in the right directory); Installation should be pretty easy.
    5) to use the nvidia driver you have to change some lines in your /etc/X11/XF86Config-4. Go to the "Device" Section and change 'nv' to 'nvidia' - I'm not sure if you have to change something else.
    6) now type 'modprobe nvidia' and 'init 5' and see if it works

    There is also a good Documentaion at

    To load the module at every startup you will have to add a line to /etc/modules.conf (or modprobe.conf for 2.6. kernel). But this is explained in the Readme file.

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