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Thread: Need help Clsutering

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    Need help Clsutering

    When I boot up the cd with my desktop and run open mosix it shows the cpu so i no its running but when i do that to the other computers it doesn't show the cpus and when i try to do it manually and type tyd -f init an error comes saying unable to initialize netowrk so i go configure the network card and the problem is still there can anyone help me? ty

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    /etc/init.d/openmosix reload

    OpenMosix also wants a good /etc/hosts file

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    which boot cd did u used? clusterknoppix?or others?
    how many cpus did u see on the master node? 2 or just 1?
    can u ping the other IP successfully?
    I managed to get the 2 cpus shown up and I'm also looking for ways to distribute the load....using the boot CD for the master node and then network boot the other machine using PXE, then u'll see the other node in openmosixview

    if u can't find the other nodes' cpus, then it means ur network is not working or the autodiscovery is not up and working.

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