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Thread: I can't remove device ikons on my desktop...

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    I can't remove device ikons on my desktop...

    ... becouse after reboot I have the ikons still. How remove it?

    Best regards.

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    The tips and tricks forum is for posting helpful tips and trick that one wants to share with others, your question is being removed from this forum.

    It also duplicated a post that you made in the General forum. Please do not duplicate posts across multiple forums. Pick the right or at least the best forum that your post seems to belong in and post there.

    And the post seems to be about a problem that you are seeing after a hard disk install, so the post in the general forum will be moved to the hdd install forum. Please consider using this forum if you post about other hdd install issues in the future. If this is not about a HDD install then please let me know and I'll move it elsewhere.

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    The icons are created by /usr/bin/mkdesktophdicons. You can just disable this file by adding the line 'exit 0' as the first active line of the file:
    # (C) Klaus Knopper Nov 2002
    # Recreate desktop icons for CD-Roms and harddisks in KDE and GNOME
    # This script must be run as the logged in user.
    # modified by CrashedAgain to do nothing
    exit 0
    # you can delete the rest of the file
    I wouldn't remove the file completely, this may cause an error in whatever script calls it.

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