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Thread: Multiple Servers

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    Multiple Servers

    Two of my friends and I have set up Debian servers. We all have home connections (I happen to have DSL, and my other two friends have Cable). I've also managed to set up some domains by using dynamic DNS. Anyway, my question is. We all have low end servers (average 700 MHz) and not-so-good connections, and we'd like to combine all the power into a little "network". We want to share resources, space, everything that we can share, especially bandwidth if it's possible. What can we do? How? If anything's possible and is not too hard, please let me know. Keep in mind that we're all Linux beginners and we don't know much. (I just found out about logs, and how to read them )

    Well, thank you very much.


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    From the sound of it your looking for a beowolf (sp?) cluster.
    Complicated stuff.

    Cluster Knoppix may suit you though.

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    i'll give it a try, thank you.

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