Hey, I've been working on this knoppix-install (debian style) system for a few days now (thinkpad 600e) and I'm having some issues. http://www.knoppix.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=70705 has a good starting spot for getting this soundcard to work, and I *can* get it to work, BUT after startup i have to insmod -r the module, then insmod the module again, with appropriate paramaters. Also, lsmod repots the incorrect module being loaded (cs461x) but unused, and i get a whole slew of error messages about that particular module and all its failures when i start up. I can drop in the output of dmesg, or drop in my /etc/modules + /etc/modules-2.4.27 if that would help, but I'm confused.

Another thing I noticed is that inside /etc/initd/knoppix-hd-autodetect, the configuation style was 'beginner' even though I chose a debian style install. Why are these scripts (knoppix-hd-autodetect and knoppix-autotdetect) still here, and could they be the reason the wrong sound card modules are loading?

Also, on an unrelated note, periodically as I'm screwing with everything, i get module dependency errors on startup. i've run depmod, but all this just shows off my incomplete understanding of the module system, and its interactions with the knoppix scripts. Suggestions?