I use Knoppix as an adjunct to my main Mandrake 10.1 distro, for backups, disk maintenance, etc. I have always loved the clarity and crispness of the Knoppix fonts vs. those on Mandrake (and any other distro I have ever used). I would like to copy the Knoppix fonts over to my fonts directory and use them. Can anyone point me to where these are kept? I looked in the usual places (/etc/X11/fonts and /usr/share/fonts) but I can't seem to find the Helvetica and LucidaTypeWriter fonts that Knoppix KDE uses as its defaults.

Also, can anyone point me to where the mouse pointer is defined? I *love* the triangular pointer used by 3.7, and would love to find the name of the theme/style/whatever, and install on my Mandrake.

Thanks in advance.