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Thread: monitor goes black after boot

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    monitor goes black after boot


    when i try to boot from the cd, all the text flicks by saying (as far as i can tell) everything is ok however once all that happens my monitor goes blank and......nothing, i hear the "starting setup" in a female voice or whatever it says.....

    i am using a nvidia ge force 4 440 graphics card and a standard plug and play CRT monitor.......


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    you need to add a cheatcode when you boot I would guess
    knoppix vga=normal
    you could also try
    knoppix xmodule=vesa

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    Cheatocdes will be your answer... I have ( about the same ) hardware, that you have, and even though I have already repeated this post reply a few times before, I will degress, and repeat myself agaIn...

    When you get the boot: prompt... try pressing the F2 key, to get a short list of the cheatcodes...

    While the system boots, it is doing a few things... of these, it is going from a BIOS display, to a color display, and, when it hits the black screen, the X Server is trying to change to the GUI resolution screen ( which is where it is getting lost )

    What is probably happening, is, X is thinking your monitor / video card combination can handle more than what it really can handle, or, it is thinking it can do something that it cant... My NVidia GeForce4 MX440 card can handle a lot more than what my ViewSonic ViewPanel VA700 monitor can do, and thus, I usually have to "force" X to use a specific refresh or resolution -=- this is done by using a cheatcode, or a combination of cheatcodes on the boot: prompt...

    My personal favorite, is the following:
    boot: knoppix nodma noacpi noapm screen=1024x768 vrefresh=60

    You may want to check what your monitor can handle, and change the above "screen" and "vrefresh" ( vertical refresh rate ) to what your monitor likes...

    You may want to, also, look at the cheatcodes in the F2 screen, and see if you want, or need, to use any other cheatcodes during the boot... One of my personal favorites is the nopcmcia cheatcode, if your system doesnt have, or use, PCMCIA cards, you can disable its use by the no... cheatcodes...

    Hope this helps,
    Ms. Cuddles

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