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Thread: Orinoco Gold Classic - found once - now not found.

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    Orinoco Gold Classic - found once - now not found.

    I have Knoppix 3.7 installed and "apt-get update'ed". Put in my Orinoco Gold classic (not the gay guy on the front). Went into Wavelan configurator and it found it. I didnt know what settings should be in the next few questions, so i just guest'd - didn't work. So, Tried the configurator again with other settings (mostly default stuff) - and still did not connect to my WEP.

    I frik'n reboot and now each time I go to Wavelan configurator = "No wireless device found".


    (btw, the CD that came with the Orinoco has Linux drivers. But it wants me to "Build" my drivers in some 80 hoop step)

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    I'm sorting out my own weirdness with a Belkin card, but here is something that partly solved the "no network card" thing in a clumsy way:

    Remove the wireless net card, THEN start up knoppix. When it's settled in, shove the network card in and see if it works. That's what mine does unless I boot from a live CD with no saved configuration. In that case, knoppix knows the card is there, but won't connect with it till I configure uit with wavelan and network card config.

    When it's not working, go to "K menu-System-InfoCenter-PCMCIA" to see if your system even knows you have the card in the slot. If it identifies the card but doesn't connect, click on Network interfaces to see if you received an IP address from whatever's acting as the DHCP server in your network. If not, first go to Knoppix-Network/Internet-Wavelan to enter the ESSID and channel and anything else needed for your access point or router, then go to Knoppix-Network/Internet-Netwrk card configuration and give a Yes to DHCP.

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