I've been struggling with this for a while now, first I tried to use the knoppix-hdinstall script by configuriing it, then editing it to stop the formating of the drive. It chugs along pretty good for a while, but then starts to fail with i/o errors on sr0. This effectivly stalls the system because the cdrom is inaccesable.

So, I started digging in the knoppix-hdinstall script, found the included hd module, dug around it in until I found the function used to copy and tried to manually copy the files over with the same stalling i/o errors.

Sooo, I then grabbed the Knoppix image, placed it on the harddrive, and mounted the ISO, then mounted the KOPPIX cloop iso file. I then tried to copy' the files. I figured it might just be a bad cd error but once I got to around the same files as before, it stalled again.

The Filesystem is reiserFS 3.5 and I'm using Knoppix 3.7.

Any idea's/hypothesis's/speculationse would be greatly appreciated.