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Thread: New applications

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    New applications

    First Knoppix is superb, for the first time after Red Hat, Mandrake, SuSE 8 and 9,1 my SBlive digtal works!, at least in Knoppix26, and all the disks, external
    disks, even the USB card reader, are recognised and accessible. My internet access is by cable modem from a network card. as soon as I clicked on web adress
    on konqueror, there it was: magic.
    My next probem is to install new applications. I am particularly interested in lyx, the latex front end. I have used this on SuSE and also on windows but would
    like it on knoppix. I don't understanded how it can be installed on a system which is mostlay on CD. I it possble to hold everything on the home
    directory which is saved to disk? or do I have to put Knoppix on the hard disk? If so how do I do it or where can I find the info?

    Thanks Alan.

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    You can 'load' programmes in LiveCD mode by configuring a Persistent Home. I use a 256MB Pend Drive for this and then use Klik to load programmes.


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    Thanks I'll try that.

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