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    Game DVD

    Hi there.
    I have some lovely games that works under linux.
    Like UT, Rune, NVN, Alpha Centauri, Tux racer, Cube and some more.

    I would love to make DVD with then so I can Play them wherever I want.
    Is there any easy way to do use Knoppix to make this?

    If there is, is there any easy setup or guide for this?


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    i dont know if possible... but i guess if your very good good you proberly could mod it entirely to do it or something like that... but i dont do this sort of thing, so i know nothing about that...]

    BUT i do know this... the games will load at the speed of the dvd drive, and not the hard drive... this will slow down the game a hell of a lot... to tell you the truth not worth it...

    but (and i think you ment for this to happen), for it to load into the RAM (and or swap drive)... even more possible! but once again, you run into problems like litited ram for the game... and it have to load onto the hard drive before playing the game...

    i am terribly sorry if i have smothered your fire... but if you really want, you could always try and let me know (and or even prove me wrong)...

    have fun...

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    It's quite possible to put games on a knoppix disk and play them, but like said, the speed would be extremly slow, it would be a nice project to see if its possible and mabye if you don't mind the wait, but for the most part, I wouldn't bother with it.

    (If you still want too this might help.

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