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Thread: Apt-get woes

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    Apt-get woes

    I ran apt-get update and upgrade yesterday, and it updated my PCMCIA drivers. Now when i start up, i can't start my WLAN card (or manually, via cardmgr) It starts fine at first, then towards the end of the boot process it checks it again and tells me "Cannot bind to socket 0: Device or resource busy"

    Same thing happens when i try to start i manually. I've also attempted to use cardctl to eject, remove, stop, reset, etc the card, but no effect.

    Is there some way i can reinstall the old driver/configuration?

    (Note: My card is a netgear 802.11b MA401 WLAN card)

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    Apt-get upgrade strikes again! This seems to be the type of screwup left by apt-get upgrade. It happens I think because Knoppix does not use 'normal' Debian startup scripts etc. but apt-get upgrade, which is supposed to upgrade all applications to the latest versions, seems to do more than this & fiddles with startup defaults, auto starts all installed services & maybe more in addition to just upgrading applications.

    What type of HD install did you do? If it's Debian type install, the knoppix HW autodetection is not run after the original install, you may be able to get the wifi to go by running /etc/init.d/knoppix-autoconfig which is the original knoppix startup script. If you have done a Knoppix type install, the startup sequence is knoppix-autoconfig , then knoppix-hd-config then
    The start sequence is in /etc/rcS.d, your start sequence will contain much more than these now because apt-get upgrade will have stuffed a whole bunch of system service startups in there.

    Anyway, knoppix-hd-config shuts down then restarts network connections. The problem arises if the net connections do not shut down properly they will not restart. I had this happen once (after an apt-get upgrade), I ended up editing knoppix-hd-config so it didn't try to stop/start the net connection.

    Hope this helps. I could be way off here but ......

    PS Unofficial recommended practice for keeping a knoppix system up to date is to upgrade applications with 'install' (ie apt-get -t unstable install kdebase') but not attempt to 'apt-get upgrade' the whole system.

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