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Thread: Booting problem: "hde: drive not ready for command"

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    Booting problem: "hde: drive not ready for command"

    I am a neophyte when it comes to LINUX. I do use it occasional for programming, etc..., but I never had to configure anything.

    I have the iso I burnt to a CD, which I am trying to boot and run. I have WindowsXP installed on my first partition of my first drive. I have a Maxtor 200GB ATA 133 drive which is connected to an ATA PCI card. It does see my drives because I see them listed and their info.

    When the system boots I type expert and see what is going on and I wrote down this info:

    hde: pio
    hde: host protected area => 1
    hde: status timeout: {busy}
    hde: drive not ready for command
    hde: 398297088 sectors (203928 MB) w/ 1819KiB cache CHS = 155114/16/63

    What is going on and what do I do? I did read some of the posts on here, but none of them were the exact same as my situation.

    Anyway, thanks for the help in advance.

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    Figured it out...

    I figured it out myself. No thanks to you.

    It is amazing how people will not help others if there are post related to a topic. I understand if there are numerous postings on a same exact problem, but I searched for hours and found NOTHING exactly like my situation.
    None of their solutions worked either.

    I did a crash course on UNIX reading a ton of material until I knew UNIX wel enough.
    My Comp. Sci. degree came in handy.

    Hopefully, in the future, you can help people rather than ignore them or belittle them because not everyone will have an education I have. All i needed was a quick and simple answer to save me time.

    Maybe someday people will learn to help people.

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    Well, since you neglected to post the answer to your problem so that others with the same problem who find your post might find an answer, I take it that you are really flaming yourself.

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