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Thread: Open Office 2 and Kanotix 2005-01

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    Open Office 2 and Kanotix 2005-01


    Have just run through the install of Open Office 2 (prerelease); the download took place, there appeared to be an install section, however there was no cmg icon on the desktop and I have been unable to find any cmg files except my Prozgui one.

    Do you have any known problems with the Kanotix 2005-01 release??



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    Hi RayB,

    while most cmg files get auto-created by klik on the client machine, ooo2 is different: I have hand-created the cmg file and klik is supposed to just download it to your desktop (and probably there is still a bug in this - do you have a 100mb file in your $HOME? - just rename it ooo2.cmg and see if it works).

    I've very recently uploaded a new ooo2 cmg and didn't have the time yet to test it very well. If you don't mind another 100mb download, you can grab the cmg directly from the server: - I'd appreciate your feedback on whether it works. There is still the older version (and this definitely works) on

    Hope this helps.


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    Well this is most peculiar. There are no files in my home directory, only the user folder and theres nothing untoward or unknown in there, nothing in the tmp file. I have run a search for *.cmg. cmg using the file:/ plus subfolders, no returns.

    I have downloaded the new 0002.cmg as advised, the download took place, when it finished there was a fair amount of disk activity but nothing on the desktop, nothing in the home directory, find could not locate the file. I completed this process first as a user and when nothing could be found I reran the process as root, still nothing to be found anywhere.

    Any ideas where I should look for it. I am running Kanotix 2005-01 on a 40GB partition with 4.4GB used.

    I have just tried, as an alternative, to download the file using Prozgui, however the following errors occurred:

    1. On the Prozilla download screen
    Unable to open file /mnt/app/1/usr/0002.cmg.prozilla: read only file system

    2. Kde type message

    There doesn't seem to be enough free space or a disk write failed when attempting to create output file.

    Now I am even more confused than I was before.


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