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Thread: A couple of great games

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    A couple of great games

    Sersiously, what good is a live operating system that people will try out to see if they like linux without some awesome games?

    My suggestions: The open source first person terrain generator (Like quake2, except better)

    AND in the future when it's supported by some servers and perhaps a couple versions ahead: the open source MUD (MMORPG) client based on CUBE (above) to make (muds) truely fully immersive 3d experiences.

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    Unfortunately, older versions of Knoppix had a lot more games, they have been casualities as the Kernel gerw and there were other "needs" for space. It's a real shame, there were a lot of nice games in some of the early versions of 3.1 that are gone now, and I haven't seen them resurface on the different "game" releases either.

    I don't know about the "cube" games that you mention, but since you deer the comparison to Quake 2 I can't imagine that they are very small. Personally I like FPS games a lot, but I expect that the game you are talking about is much larger than all of the games that were removed combined. Personally I think it would be better to include a number of good small games than one large FPS (even if it could be made to fit), and leave the larger games for dedicated games disks. Of course, I could be wrong about the size, nut I still miss the games that were removed from 3.1.

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    Cube's Size

    actually cube is very small compared to quake 2. the packages (levels and stuff) are only 20mb total ( all the levels are gzip'd before they're written to the disk, so about 20-100kb each depending on size ), while the program itself is about 3mb compiled. It's really a fun game, much better than chromium and tux racer (in my opinion). And it runs on old computers as well as new computers very well, with lots of eye candy.

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    20 megs is actually pretty big. And while compressing the data is generally a positive thing, that the data is compressed here is not a positive factor as far as Knoppix is concerned. Knoppix uses it's own compression to produce the CD and fit about 2 gig of software on a 700 meg CD. Since the cube game will likely not compress further, this game would take up as much space on the CD as 50-60 meg of other games.

    From what you say of it I would like to see it and hope that someone does include it on a Live CD game disk. I do think the wide range of games removed since 3.1 would be a better choice for adding games back into Knoppix though.

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