Hello, I have just installed Clusterknoppix to my hard drive. I am trying to set up a raid 0 device. this is what I have tried.
1) made 2 partitions spanning the same cylinders (or whatever the units are with fdisk) on two identical drives.
2) used mdadm to start the array
3) used mkfs.ext3 to format it.
4) mounted it to a new directory.

the problem is when i reboot, the array is gone so im obviously missing something big here. I apologize if this question has been answered before.

I initially tried to install it to a raid 0 device but that didnt go over too well. Has anyone been successful doing that?

also, can someone tell me what the different bootloader options are for?
lilo lists 3 different 2.4 kernels and 1 2.6 kernel. whats the difference between the 3 2.4's?