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Thread: Knoppix on an old Notebook

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    Knoppix on an old Notebook

    I have an old Notebook (Sharp PC-W100T, Pentium 133, 32MB,
    HardDisk 1Gb, no CD-ROM, PCMCIA-Netzwerkkarte, Floppy Disk) and I want to know if it is possible
    to install Linux on it.

    Is it possible to boot a Knoppix-Version via net on this notebook to check the hardware support?


    Peter Schütt

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    See this thread: where I mention Debian. Debian 3.0r4 (Woody) should have boot floppies and they allow you to install over a network. The default Debian install is about 300MB. As for a GUI, you could install fluxbox, windowmaker, or icewm as they are low resource usage window managers. As for low resource usages applications, look to Damn Small Linux to provide examples.
    I hope this helps.

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