I'm trying to install the new Knoppix 3.7 on my laptop (Acer Aspire 1700).

Trouble with this machine is that the HDD isn't configured to be located at HDA but HDC (I know, weird, but true).

Now I've tryed 'knoppix-installer' and the code to bypass the check, then I get stuck. When I choose my installation
method, I get a screen with code, from Xdialog. Nothing happens when I click next then, and this is with the IGNORE_ option.
I have hdc1 configured as my WinXP 10 gig, hdc2 for a potential bootmanager (I usualy use grub) 32 mb and then 10 gig free for linux.
I do not understand why it keeps saying I don't have enough space... I have a total space of 120 gig and have 10 reserved.

The 10 gig for linux is in Ext3 format, and hdc2 in Ext2 format.

Simple tabel:
HDC1 WinXP 10 gig (active)
HDC2 Linux Boot 32 mb (not active)
HDC3 Linux Root 10gig (not active)
HDC4 other stuff

Can anybody help me out with this please?

And then another question. If I want 2 boot Knoppix from Grub when I've installed it on HDC2 and set that partition active,
how should I configure grub.conf when Knoppix is located at HDC3?

Thnx for ur time,