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Thread: just a quick question

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    just a quick question

    if i go and use knoppix on one computer connected up to a router and use windows on the other computer can i do the following?>
    what i want to do is take the knoppix distro and i want to take it and run programs off windows. but i figure by doing that i could get some sort of internet connection to work on it seeing as that i have a cable modem connected to it. windows can ping out and all and get pings back it just wont respond to things such as it will not even get on yahoo IM. but, again i figure by doing a remote desktop ill be able to be able to use some of my games on there as I would like to do. is this thing possable?

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    I've never been able to get full-screen programs to work on any sort of remote control program.

    You can always give it a try though.

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    I haven't tried what you are doing, but it sounds like you could use LogMeIn, which is like GoToMyPC, but it's free. The client only works for Windows, not linux, but it should work for what you want, since the client PC runs Windows. All you need from the controller computer is a web browser, which you can get with linux.

    HTH, jd

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