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Thread: Klik won't work in Mepis

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    Klik won't work in Mepis

    Every time I try to run a klik program, I get an error saying 'unable to mount /mnt/app/whatever_number'.

    What should I do? I[/code]

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    I was able to get it working in Mepis (sorta) after some work.
    The following entry from the klik forums was helpfull look for the entry by lilsirecho.
    By following the suggestion of creating the mount directory and the mount command I was able to execute the wrapper command to get it working.

    I downloaded the lphoto2 klik
    created the directory /mnt/app/1
    mount-t cramfs -o loop ~/Desktop/lphoto2.cmg /mnt/app/1
    cd /mnt/app/1

    It ran.

    I noticed if that I created the directories and then ran a klik it removed the directories that I created .
    I'm trying to see what the underlying problem is but am fairly new to bash so it's slow going.

    Hope this helps

    Found the problem
    It appears that SimplyMepis 3.3 does not like the auto in the fstab for cramfs type klik images. If I change the type from auto to cramfs it appears to run w/o problems. I'll do more investigation but that is what it looks like to me.

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    Thanks for the hint. Info like this is essential in order to improve klik.


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