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Thread: Create cmg Files (how-to?)

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    Create cmg Files (how-to?)

    I'm a newbie and I'm very impressed by klik.
    For educational purposes I'm looking for two programms
    BlueJ (OOD-Software) ( and geogebra (Mathematics) (

    What have I to do, to create appropriate cmg-Files. Is there a nice how-to? (I have found nothing that I understand )

    Thanks in advance
    Michael Heinen

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    there is indeed no howto yet because the approach greatly differs from application to application. For Java, it's usually easy, so I was able to create this for you:

    klik://geogebra (getestet mit Kanotix 2005-01)

    The other application you requested seems to be picky about the Java version installed, I wasn't able to get it to run.


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    Hello Probono!

    Thats really great. Thanks and "Frohe Ostern"!

    Michael Heinen

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