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Thread: WEP Penetration Testing

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    WEP Penetration Testing

    Hey guys, everyone on this forum has always been very knowledgeable so I thought I would throw this out there:
    I am trying to audit my company's WEP security. Mainly, I want to prove to them how incredibly easy it is to crack WEP, and that they should switch to something a little more secure like WPA.
    I'm running my HP ZE4560US laptop with my built-in wifi card and a Linksys WPC11 v.3 PCMCIA card. Kismet works with the Linksys card, and I use the built-in wireless with ndiswrapper and bcmwl5a.inf just so that i can use the internet to check on stuff while I try to crack with the Linksys card.
    What I've learned from this site says that I can use aireplay to pick up and retransmit an ARP request packet thousands of times and thereby speed up the packet collecting process from hours/days to minutes. The problem is that my linksys card registers as eth1 and the aireplay program asks for cards in the wlanXap format which apparently can only be achieved with some HostAP hocus pocus. I'm not familiar with HostAP. Can someone explain what I need to do to get my eth1 linksys card into wlanXap format?

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    *it was aireplay not airepeat - fixed*
    bump... anyone?

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