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Thread: Life CD

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    Life CD

    Can I save settings on a local partition when using Live CD and Knoppix ?

    In a way boot from the CD but also start up with my profile and setting lacated on a linux partition or Linux swap partion ?

    I have Knoppix running now from my CD and very impressed with it and all the option that come with it on the 3.6 cd.

    But if I download my mail for instance, this would al end up in a temp file I would image.

    Is there some way to mount a bit of harddisk to save files on my pc or would this require a HD install of Knoppix ?

    greets, Pierre

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    You want to set up a persistant home directory that saves your settings.
    Read this thread:

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    Thx for the reply, I had already accidentally stumbled upon this option and the save confic under the knoppix configure menu...

    Thinking it would be real tricky yo set up, I thought I'd ask the forum...

    However what has been inpossible for me to find is how to get access to the root, I dont know how to set my password for admin toget full rights.

    Your assistance would be a big help

    And loving this OS, not requiring a full install just runs of the cd, leaving my fragile windows pc fully intact only requiring to add one small linux partition to save my config on, great concept!!

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    check out here:
    and you have a full rights from root shell


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    Thx nikolay,

    Now I have to figure out how to set up my other pc as server. Also how to setup a network.. That will be keeping me busy for a bit I should think... Any suggestions are welcome offcourse.

    Greets, Pierre

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