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Thread: Boot Sequence Optimization

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    Boot Sequence Optimization

    Hi! My Knoppix 3.6 Hd installation with kernel 2.4.7 boots really slow. I had Suse- Redhat - Mandrake on my Laptop but they werent that slow... first of all the didnt shot this message:
     Loading Knoppix . .. ...... (a lots of points later, finally the progs are starting)
    When the progs start i know its the normal way how the others booted too. What is happening in this Loading Knoppix ( or something similar ) stage, and how can i optimize the bootsequenze, i know initd, but this "loading knoppix" stuff in the beginning is too slow, and not nfs server starting or mysqld ...
    Is this all about the Runlevel stuff, or does knoppix every beginning configure the system new? My winxp is even faster.

    Kater Karlo...

    PS: Antworten auf Deutsch wären auch ok.

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    Ich schreibe nicht so gut auf Deutch.

    Etwas ist nicht richtig! Ich sehe "Loading Knoppix ....." seit einer Sekunde mit Knoppix 3.7 und Linux 2.4. (Mein Computer hat Athlon XP 2800, aber ... !) Vielleicht Ihre Installation ist schlecht (korrupt?).

    -- Ed

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