i've the problem that if i install knoppix (3.7 or older) there may be the possibility to chose REISERFS as root FS but it's not integrated in the kernel - only as module.
i looked for solultions and there should different solutions.

the one is to load the RESIERFS module via INITRD and its entry in my LILO. i'm not sure. is this possible - because the entry would look like: "likeinitrd /initrd-2.6.8.img" and how can i boot from a folder resp. device that couldn't be mounted because of reiserfs? or how can i understand the function of INITRD or how to configure?

the other on is to configure the ".KNOFIG" but i yet didn't understand how?

then it should be possible to compile the kernel (e.g. while i've booted KNOPPIX!?) to change it afterwards - so after the knoppix installation.

so all told i'm absolutley unsure what to to. maybe you can tell me about your experience...