I have never had a problem installing/poor man's install before. Wife wanted to 'save to cd' and did her stuff and then have a poor man's install done with 3.7. Been doing that since 3.3 first arrived.

We wiped/reformated the hd as she didn't like the 'extra' partitions it had, so we have just the primary and one logical with a swap betwix them. ext2 and blank otherwise.

I used a disk 1 from mandy 9.1 and also redid it with fdisk. It still will not go to the hd and do the 'copying cdrom' thingy. I had 3.6 on there, and it will not.

The command I used is:

boot: knoppix26 tohd /dev/hde1

also tried /mnt/hde1

That machine see's the first primary as hde1 not hda1..apparently the manufacturer has a 'second' disk controller on it as this machine, which needed more hd had to have one installed in a pci slot and also doesn't have any hda's, just hde's.

I even ;saved config' and make a home etc and it still will not copy either 3.6 or 3.7 as a 'poor man's' install..just runs off the cd only.

Help! What am I missing / messed up!

2. Does it have to have something installed on the hd to work? It is just formatted ext2 only on both hde1 and hde6 with hde5 being swap...no installed os at all. I could put SimplyMepis on it as a os if need be.

Don't tell her to:
boot; knoppix hdinstall

Silly woman!!

Sorry for the long post, but I tried 'tohd' for about 3 hours and nothing worked!!