I would like to use knoppix as a rescue CD. However, the extra functionality that I am looking for is the support of reiser4 (reiserfs version 4). And normally it can only be done by applying patch to kernel source (v2.6.x) then recompile it. I have been searching around this forum and the wiki in knoppix.net, but it seems I am not too bright to understand it all. Just wondering if any one could give me a guid to it, perhaps it is also good to be a part of wiiki.

Things I am quiet confused with,
1. Does the patch in /usr/src of knoppix works on vairous version of 2.6.x ?
2. What should I do after appying the patch of reiser4, making menuconfig, and applying knoppix patch ?
- do i just build the kernel straight forward ? but by what command ? any extra options needed ? such as "--initrd " to the command make-kpkg
- Can i just overwrte the linux26 file straight forward with bzImage(or)vmlinuz-2.6.x
3. Do I also need to add /lib/modules/2.6.x to the source directory before creating new KNOPPIX
4. is there any limitation, such as file size regarding to the file for booting

I will be very thankful if anyone can answer it,, cheers/