I submitted this howto over at the linuxtag site perhaps some in this forum will benifit from it as well. I've had a lot of trouble with fonts and linux in the past but getting nice true type fonts is no problem in Knoppix thanks to the KDE font installer. Here's what you do:

Open the KDE Control Center

Go to "System"

Go to "Font Installer"

On the "Install From" side of the screen locate the directory which contains the fonts you want to install and select said fonts.

Click "Install"

Click "Yes" to the popup which asks if you want to copy fonts to X11 fonts folder (/home/knoppix/.kde/share/fonts)

Click "Apply" on the "Install To" side of the window.

Click "Yes" to the "Apply system changes now?" popup.

You're done.

For some reason the Control Center locks up on my system after this so you might want to use xkill to get rid of it.

If you save your changes to a floppy (taskbar /KNOPPIX/Configure/Save KNOPPIX configuration), you will have access to these fonts when you reboot as long as you type "knoppix floppyconfig" at bootup.

I've done this proceedure both from the cdrom and from a hd install and it works great. If you want to do this this on a version of Knoppix on your HD and make the fonts availavle system wide just run the Control Center (kcontrol) as root and do the same thing.