I installed knoppix 3.8 on a system and then tried to do the klaus script to remaster an ISO. unfortunately i forgot that the HD space on teh machine was limited (its kinda like a thin client) so it tried to make a paging file and it just fiulled the HD. now i boot but there isnt enough space anywhere to do anything so it gives me a weirdo shell that isnt too user friendly. how can i kill that partial paging file? any takers? I tried swapoff -a and it says im not a superuser, so i went out ona limb and tried "sudo swapoff -a" (i dont know a thing about linux). i want to keep that installation b/c it is perfect and it took me a long time to tailor (i was going to just mirror it over to the rest of the machines, we are moving off of windows and onto linux.)