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Thread: knopp on DVD

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    knopp on DVD

    Knopp on DVD ?!!!!

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    Re: knopp on DVD

    Quote Originally Posted by nkosta

    Knopp on DVD ?!!!!
    If you've got a burner, try it. Works quite well.

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    KNOPPIX as is on a DVD would be a waste of space (700MB on 4.6GB???).

    But, if you remastered KNOPPIX in such a way that it wouldn't fit on a CD-R anymore, then DVD-R would be an alternative. Be careful, the bigger the compressed image, the slower the access time! I don't think you'd want an image much larger than maybe 1GB!

    How slow would it run on the DVD-R uncompressed? If you uncompress KNOPPIX, you're already talking over 2GB.


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